Geo-Drill Ltd

Geo-Drill Ltd

Membership Type: Contractor

20 Kingsway House
Team Valley
Tyne & Wear
NE11 0HW

  • Tel: 01207 521623
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Geo-Drill Limited
Specialists in Geothermal Drilling and Site Investigation
Welcome to the Geo-Drill website - created for existing and future clients to demonstrate the Site Investigation and Geothermal Drilling capabilities of Geo-Drill and showcase our methods and machinery. We pride ourselves on our reputation and that of our highly motivated staff.
Geo-Drill offers a vast range of experience in Site Investigation and in the Renewable Energy markets both in the UK and abroad.

Drilling services available:

Closed loop geothermal boreholes
Open loop geothermal boreholes
Geobore S wireline coring
Water abstraction wells
Water monitoring wells
Gas monitoring wells
Wire-line coring

Audited Personal

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Audit Expiry Date Status
0320 Andrew Dixon Lead Driller RTY 2019-12-19 Audit Expired
0374 Mark Bolton Lead Driller RTY 2019-11-30 Audit Expired
0249 Michael Watts Lead Driller RTY 2019-11-30 Audit Expired
0306 Shaun Vairy Lea RTY 2019-11-08 Audit Expired
0305 Shaun Crozier Lead Driller RTY 2019-11-08 Audit Expired
0248 Simon Spires Lead Driller RTY 2019-11-01 Audit Expired
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