BAM Ritchies - Head Office

BAM Ritchies – Head Office

Membership Type: Contractor

Glasgow Road
G65 9BL

  • Tel: 01236 467000
  • Fax: 01236 467030



BAM Ritchies is the ground engineering division of BAM Nuttall. We provide fully integrated services for a wide range of customers– both public and private sector, from small local projects to national critical infrastructure.

Over 60 years, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to ground engineering team for complex problem solving and best-value, sustainable delivery – with no surprises.

Whether we’re testing earthwork or blasting rock, we use industry-leading digital construction methods to build before we build. So you’ll know exactly what to expect from your project, and we’ll get it right first time.

Rock Drill & Blast

The UK’s largest drill and blaster, we’re responsible for over 40% of the UK’s contracts. Proven expertise in quarries, borrow pit creation, pyrotechnics, underwater blasting and civil blasting.

Complex Piling

We deliver all complexities of piling, from access restricted work to rock socketed piles. Using a strict early engagement method, we ensure you get the best-value outcome – however intricate the work.

Material Testing

The only UKAS accredited geotechnical division, we have unique permission to test earthwork and materials in the UK. This means we can run UKAS accredited labs anytime, anywhere in the country.

Grouting Operations

We take the guess work out of grouting with a digital-first approach. Proven success in contracts of all scales, from old mine treatment and compaction grouting, to specialist high penetration work.

Ground Investigation

One of the UK’s largest ground investigation contractors, we’ve developed a digital data collection system to streamline our work. Our method gives you faster, clearer, more accurate results.

Concrete Repairs

We provide a fully integrated service for surface and underground projects, both robot and hand controlled. Extensive experience in sprayed concrete, wet or dry solutions and structural grouting.

Ground Anchors

An award-winning ground anchor contractor, we engineer temporary and permanent anchoring solutions. We tie back retaining walls, strengthen foundations, stabilise slopes – and so much more.
Soil Nails and Catch Fences
We design and construct solutions to stabilise soil slopes, rock slopes and embankments. Working on both new and existing slopes, we create soil nails and catch fences that stand the test of time.


With 60 years’ experience in ground engineering, we know how to succeed in the most regulated environments. And we’re proud to uphold accreditation standards in a wide range of geotechnical disciplines.

Above all, our people are our biggest asset. That’s why we offer ongoing personal development for the whole team. So we can collaborate at all levels to deliver the BAM Ritchies service you expect.

Our accreditation credentials:

BIM Level 2 Capability

ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationship

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

ISO 27001 Information Security

Federation of Piling Specialists - Member

British Drilling Association Member - 305189

British Geotechnical Association - Member

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining - Member

Register of Ground Engineering Professionals Staff - Members

Association of Geotechnical and Geoenviromental Specialists - Member

Sprayed Concrete Association – Member

Working Regions





Middle East

Northern Ireland




North West Regional Office

5 Boulevard Gemini Business Park,
Taurus Park,

Matt Ewing, Business Development Manager

Mobile: 07740 771075

South East Regional Office

Station Road,

Matt Ewing, Business Development Manager

Mobile: 07740 771075

South West Regional office

Kings Court,
87-89 High St,
BS48 1AW

Matt Ewing, Business Development Manager

Mobile: 07740 771075

Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Audit Expiry Date Status
0648 Ian John Wilson Support Operative 2022-01-04 Audited
0642 Gary Uter Lead Driller RTY 2022-01-04 Audited
0647 Jamie Shirra Support Operative 2022-01-05 Audited
0640 Stephen Kelly Lead Driller RTY 2022-01-06 Audited
0591 Lee Minto Lead Driller CP 2021-11-23 Audited
0565 Stephen Glancy Support Operative 2021-10-07 Audited
0541 Jason Soper Support Operative 2021-08-18 Audited
0528 David Nayles Support Operative 2021-10-13 Audited
0545 John Emmonds Lead Driller RTY 2021-08-25 Audited
0543 Tristan Rendell Lead Driller RTY 2021-08-05 Audited
0540 Scott Bootes Support Operative 2021-08-24 Audited
0534 Richard Alderson Lead Driller RTY 2021-08-20 Audited
0538 John Ogden Lead Driller RTY 2021-08-06 Audited
0527 John Adam Lead Driller CP 2021-10-14 Audited
0542 George Chalmers Support Operative 2021-08-17 Audited
0533 Adam Bryant Lead Driller CP 2021-08-24 Audited
0539 Andrew Dixon Lead Driller RTY 2021-08-05 Audited
0551 Mark Bolton Lead Driller RTY 2021-09-01 Audited
0427A Shaun Cunliffe Drilling Support Operative 2021-06-24 Audited
0333 Mark Gillespie Lead Driller CP 2021-10-12 Audited
0524 Ryan Stevens Drilling Support Operative 2021-07-04 Audited
0535 Paul Morton Lead Driller CP 2021-08-16 Audited
0641 James McFarlane Lead Driller CP, DS 2022-01-05 Audited
0108 Alan Pardoe Lead Driller CP 2021-10-12 Audited
0102 Hugh Ferry Lead Driller RTY 2021-10-11 Audited
0032 Steven Kiczynski Lead Driller CP 2021-10-13 Audited
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