Training and Education

The BDA promotes and supports organised training to ensure that those in drilling are not left to fend for themselves in acquiring correct knowledge and skill.

The law makes it a duty for Employers to properly train their workforces. The absence of documented training records is a major hurdle when it comes to a company having to defend itself following an accident.

The best training for future Lead Drillers is that provided by the BDA Land Drilling Apprenticeship – this contains formal off-the-job training courses and supervised on-the-job training. This course is recommended for those in the early stages of their drilling careers.

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The following training organisations are trusted to deliver the BDA Apprenticeship training modules:

  • ┬áRotary Test Drilling (Training & Accreditation) Ltd

Tel: 01942 810348 | Web:

  • ┬áLand Drilling NVQ & Training

Tel: 01229 584297 | Web:

  • Equipe Training Ltd

Tel: 01295 670990 | Web:

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