BDA Committees & General Management

The BDA Management Committee meets quarterly, however it is the various Sub-committees who are tasked with bringing the ongoing projects to fruition.

On a daily basis the BDA General Manager and admin support team are charged with undertaking all  administration, including meetings management and responding to member queries.

The many dedicated members of the BDA management and sub-committees feel they have a duty to give other people the benefit of their experiences in the pursuit of progress, and they do this on a voluntary basis.

The team is not complete without the many members of the BDA, who contribute or are available for consultation:

Management Committee 2024

Chair: Mark Toye:

Vice Chair:  TBC

Directors: Richard Fielden, Martyn Brocklesby, Paul McMann

Committee members: Paul McMann, Gordon Ross, Debbie Darling, Paul Breslin, Tristan Lllewellyn; Scott Burt; Gordon Ross; Nick Reichelt; Ben Swallow; Darren O’Mahony; Tom Walton, David Bradley, Lee Allardyce, John Ireland, Matthew Thomasson.

General Manager:  Joel Stevens


Finance & Strategy Chair: Martyn Brocklesby

Marketing Chair: Debbie Darling

Health & Safety  Chair: Paul Breslin

Training & Education Chair: Paul McMann

Technical & Standards Chair: Gordon Ross

BDA Office Contact

Joel Stevens, General Manager

Telephone: 0800 246 5086 | Email:

Rules & Constitution

The BDA is run by its members and for its members, through the elected Management Committee, who work under the terms of the Constitution and Rules. These documents also set out the code of conduct expected of BDA members and also terms by which members must operate.

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