BDA Marketing Sub-Committee

The Marketing committee consists of  Richard Fielden (Chair), Lee Allardyce, Debbie Darling (Jooce Marketing), Simon Baxter, Matt Ewing and Calum Spires.

This sub-committee discusses following topics:

  • Audit Drive
  • Ongoing development of the BDA website
  • BDA Gala Awards (annual event)
  • BDA technical seminars / events / webinars
  • Membership drive – via the audit and membership initiatives
  • BDA eNewsletter
  • Public relations and media liaison
  • Sponsorship / support of industry events
  • Strengthening relationships with other industry organisations
  • Profile raising

This committee has several functions not least the development and ongoing maintenance of this website. It is responsible for:

  • Identifying and serving the needs of members
  • Providing services and benefits to members
  • Communication with and amongst members
  • Partnering with industry organisations to secure discounts for members
  • Promoting and improving the BDA’s image internally and externally
  • Promoting BDA policy and messages
  • Organising and supporting BDA events
  • Supporting industry events
  • Retention and recruitment of members
  • Sales of BDA publications
  • Generating revenue ideas

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