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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a construction industry card scheme. It was set up in 1995 to help the industry improve quality and reduce accidents. CSCS cards are demanded as proof of occupational competence by contractors, public and private clients and others.

There are various card types to distinguish between trainee, semi-skilled, skilled, supervisory, management and professional levels. Within each card type there is a specific card for each occupation. It is very important that individuals hold the correct card, for the job they do, otherwise access to a site can be denied.

There are currently over 1.5 million card holders and the scheme covers hundreds of occupations. If you work on, or visit, a construction or drilling site it is essential that you hold an appropriate card.

Card details can be checked with CITB’s on-line card checker at:

Land Drilling cards

These are required for all members of a drill crew and the only cards that are recognised are:

  • Blue Skilled card for those who are NVQ Land Drilling qualified as either a Lead Driller or Drilling Support Operative (Driller). Expires after 5 years but is renewable. For Lead Drillers the card will carry details of which NVQ drilling discipline(s) they are qualified in.
  • Blue Experienced Worker card for those who are registered to take NVQ Land Drilling either as Lead Driller or Drilling Support Operative (Driller). Expires after 1 year and is non renewable.
  • For both of the above it is necessary to have also passed the ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test.
  • Red Trainee card for those in training and who are registered to take NVQ Land Drilling either as Lead Driller or Drilling Support Operative (Driller). Expires after 3 years and is non renewable.

Technical, Supervisory and Management cards

These are available for a wide range of positions and occupations. They come in a variety of colours e.g. gold, platinum or black. Also there is a Professional Membership Mapped Route card for chartered geologists.

Visitor cards

The Regular Visitor card is for those who frequently visit construction sites but have no construction specific skill.

Construction Related Occupation card

A white card, it is for workers whose occupation does not have an NVQ level 2 or higher.

CSCS is introducing changes to its Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card from 1 October 2015 which will pave the way for its withdrawal by 2017.

Labourer card

Coloured green, this is a basic level card for those in general site work. It cannot be used by drill crew members.

The old green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card was withdrawn on 1st July 2014.  There is a new green CSCS card for people working in labouring occupations.

For full details of CSCS visit their website telephone the CSCS helpline 0844 576 8777. To apply for a card telephone 0844 248 5262.

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