BDA Audit Team get Mental Health First Aid Training

August 27, 2020

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to announce its audit team – Charlie Allardyce, Phil Dainton and Andy Frogley – are to undertake a Mental Health First Aid Training course, with recognised training provider MHFA (England).

The initiative came from Charlie Allardyce, who felt MHFA training would support his role as a frequent visitor to drill crews working remotely as part of his Audit work.

With good mental health and wellbeing of its members one of the key aims of the BDA, the BDA Executive Committee fully endorses the Audit team’s training.

Mental health and wellbeing are always important, but the spotlight on the issues has never been more focused than recently as the result of the on-going COVID-19 crisis. Few would argue that the virus has had a tremendous impact on us all, and that it is continuing to affect people and their mental health and wellbeing. It is the belief of the BDA that it is important we all look to provide support for those we work with, as well as knowing how to recognise the signs of those who may need help, but who may be afraid or too self-conscious to raise problems themselves.

It is hoped that overtime, more members of the BDA will undertake training and we can move another step forward to towards establishing a proactive approach to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.

Speaking about the initiative, Charlie commented “The mental health and wellbeing of drillers is important, and the ‘First Aid’ course will hopefully equip us with the skills to recognise when someone needs help as well as provide the support if asked.”

We will let you know how they get on, but in the meantime for information about MHFA England, please visit

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