New Members for British Drilling Association

July 29, 2021

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to welcome three new members: Alexios Daskalis, as an Associate Member, and Cenergist Ltd and Energyline Ltd as Corporate Contractor Members.

Alexios Daskalis, Cenergist Ltd and Energyline Ltd were approved as members recently and with their individual perspectives on the drilling sector, they will be great assets to the Association, which has seen its membership grow considerably in recent months.

Speaking about the new members, Richard Fielden, Chair of the BDA said: “I am pleased to welcome Alexios Daskalis, Cenergist and Energyline Ltd to the BDA as each’s unique insight of the industry and experiences will allow the BDA to better represent the drilling sector.

“The more members the BDA has the greater is its mandate and moves the BDA that bit closer to fully representing the drilling sector at all industry levels. The BDA is working hard to drive up standards and the levels of professionalism within then drilling sector. Its Audit has recently also undergone a major overhaul making it more relevant than ever and this is only possible through the input of new members that reflect the drilling industry.”

Membership of the BDA is open to enterprises such as companies, partnerships, and sole traders etc., contractors that have proof their drilling operatives either have, or are registered to take, NVQ Land Drilling, Level 2, non-contracting suppliers, and consultants.

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