Protecting the Integrity of Our Association

January 29, 2024

Protecting the Integrity of Our Association

As part of the British Drilling Association (BDA) ongoing commitment to uphold the highest standards in the drilling industry, we are reaching out to address an issue that concerns the integrity and reputation of our association – falsely claiming membership of the BDA and false claims to be ‘an Audited company’ without any engagement in the scheme.

It has come to our attention that there are instances where businesses are using the BDA Audit to promote themselves, without having actually undergone the audit process. The BDA Audit is a hallmark of quality and compliance in our industry, and it is crucial that its value is preserved.

Misrepresentation of BDA Audit certification not only undermines the trust in our association but also unfairly disadvantages those who have rightfully earned their status through diligence and adherence to our standards.

How You Can Help

If you encounter a business that is promoting itself using the BDA Audit and you suspect that they have not been audited, or claiming to be a member and using the BDA brand to attribute undeserved excellence to their company, we would request you inform us by contacting the BDA’s General Manager, Joel Stevens, via email:

Your discretion and vigilance in these matters are invaluable to maintaining the high standard of quality associated with membership of the BDA.

Verifying BDA Audit Certification

For your convenience and to aid in the verification process, please remember that information about drillers who have successfully completed the BDA audit is available on the BDA website. To check the audit status of a driller, please visit our dedicated audit page, which can be found here –

Together, we can ensure that the BDA continues to be synonymous with the highest levels of quality and professional standards in the drilling industry. Your cooperation and support in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence and for your role in protecting the integrity of the BDA.

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