The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.


Almost all British Army Regiments, Naval ships and RAF squadrons are proud to carry battle honour awards on their colours (flags) for previous historic actions. It's more than tradition or self glorification. Above all it's to remind current soldiers and crews that they've something to live up to, and to strive to maintain the exploits of their predecessors.

The BDA is proud of what has been achieved since 1976, and the list below is not only a record of that but an encouragement to present and future members to seek for further improvements in the industry.

  • 1980s - BS 4019, Part 2 developed and became ISO standard
  • 1990 - BDA Driller Accreditation. First Competence Award scheme
  • 1991 - BDA endorsed Training School
  • 1992 - Code of Safe Drilling Practice
  • 1992 - Guidance Notes, Safe Drilling Contaminated Land
  • 1992 - Drilling Technology Open Learning Course
  • 1995 - EN 791, Drill Rig Safety developed with BDA help
  • 1998 - Directory of Ground Investigation Contractors
  • 2000 - National Vocational Qualifications, Land Drilling, for drill crews
  • 2000 - Guidance Notes, Protection of Persons from Rotating Parts
  • 2001 - Web Site launched. CSCS Land Drilling card
  • 2002 - Health & Safety Manual
  • 2003 - Joins NSCC
  • 2005 - BDA AUDIT. Guidance, Cable Percussion. 1st Geodrilling Show
  • 2006 - 2nd Geodrilling Show
  • 2007 - Apprenticeship Scheme. Guidance, Dynamic Sampling
  • 2008 - Guidance, Contaminated Land revision. 3rd Geodrilling Show
  • 2010 - New Web Site launched. Developed Sector Scheme for Ground Investigation
  • 2011 - 4th Geodrilling Show. Developed Sector Scheme for Geothermal Drilling
  • 2012 - Hazardous Gases document with Coal Authority / Health & Safety Executive

And what will be the future achievements? See Newsletters to find out what is happening or if sufficiently impressed and a non member then join the BDA.

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