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Member Name – If known, type the “full” company, as name this will give the best results, if you just type “soil”, this will list all companies with “Soil” in the name.

Location & Show Members Within – if you type both, this will give the best results, type in a town and use the drop down in “Show Member Within”, to show “15 miles”. If you leave this as “15 + miles”, this will cover a greater area and give numerous members which are not close to your search location.

Activities - 44 different types of activities exist and member use 10 of these to best cover their services, i.e. “Piling” will list companies who perform Piling, however if you want a specific type of pile, then you need to type the activity “Piling”, then search individual companies in greater depth, as listed for “Piling” profile, to see if the member offers service required.

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WJ Groundwater UK – Head office

BDA Audited Drillers

Head Office - Unit 5
Abbots Business Park
Primrose Hill
Kings Langley

  • Tel: 0208 950 7256
  • Fax: 020 8950 7959

XYZ Rail & Civils

BDA Audit not applicable

The Terminal
Aviation Way
Carlisle Lake District Airport

  • Tel: 01228 882300
  • Fax: 01228 882301

Supplier Members

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment
Casgrande UK