Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Ltd - Head Office

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Ltd – Trading as Igne

Membership Type: Corporate

Unit 25
Stella Gill Industrial Estate
Pelton Fell
County Durham

  • Tel: 0191 387 4700
  • Fax: 0191 387 4710



Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Limited (AEG) T/A Igne was first established in February of 1988. It began as an independent site investigation company, working primarily for leading consultant and main contractor organisations. AEG offers many site investigation-related services, including (but not limited to) automated ground information systems, cable location services, cable percussion boring, environmental sampling and monitoring, overwater drilling and boring, panda probing, rotary drilling, sampling, standard penetration trip hammer verification, trial pitting, and windowless and window sampling. AEG rebranding to Igne in 2023.

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Limited (AEG) T/A Igne has the ability to bring other services to a project from within the group with a simple, single point of contact, to support its customers’ projects including Unexploded Ordnance survey and clearance, Water and Geothermal Well Drilling and Geo-environmental engineering.

Working Regions


Northern Ireland



Regional Offices

Allied Exploration & Geotechnical Ltd
Unit 2
Anchorage Business Park
Chain Caul Way, Riverside Docklands

Tel: 01772 735 300

Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Audit Expiry Date Status
0916 Kye Rogerson Lead Driller CP 2024-09-05 Audited
0917 Glen Loveday Lead Driller CP 2024-09-05 Audited
0517 Edward Bacon Lead Driller RTY 2024-06-25 Audited
0742 Steven Blair Support Operative 2024-05-11 Audited
0512 Lee Selkirk Lead Driller CP 2024-05-11 Audited
0743 Leon Kitson Lead Driller RTY 2024-05-09 Audited
0536 Lee Hayes Lead Driller RTY 2024-05-11 Audited
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