GeoSonic Drilling Ltd

GeoSonic Drilling Ltd

Membership Type: Contractor

Unit D, Greenfield Complex
Greenfield Street
FK10 2AL

  • Tel: 01259 727780
  • Fax: 01259 727781

Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Audit Expiry Date Status
0908 Christopher Campbell Support Operative 2024-07-25 Audited
0895 David Bailey Lead Driller SON 2024-05-29 Audited
0878 Jack Westwood Lead Driller RTY 2024-08-21 Audited
0879 Kevin Watt Support Operative 2024-03-13 Audit Expired
0880 Kevin McKay Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-13 Audit Expired
0845 Craig Jackson Lead Driller SON 2024-07-25 Audited
0844 Timothy McCarthy Lead Driller RTY 2024-07-25 Audited
0843 Neil Grew Lead Driller RTY 2024-07-24 Audited
0837 William Walker Lead Driller RTY, SON 2023-06-26 Audit Expired
0839 Dilwyn Roberts Lead Driller RTY 2024-07-24 Audited
0838 Mark Wetton Lead Driller SON 2024-03-14 Audit Expired
0836 Robert Lang Support Operative 2024-08-21 Audited
0835 Ryan Bentley Support Operative 2024-07-24 Audited
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