Marriott Geotechnical Drilling Ltd

Marriott Geotechnical Drilling Ltd

Membership Type: Corporate

Four Winds Farm Buildings
Upper Swainswick

  • Tel: 01225 852772


Marriott Geotechnical Drilling (MGeoD) provides specialist geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling and site investigation services both in the UK and overseas, to clients in diverse sectors such as construction, transportation, infrastructure, nuclear, quarrying, minerals, mining, tunnelling, renewable energy and the environment.

MGeoD work closely with its parent company, the Marriott Drilling Group (the largest onshore deep drilling company based in the UK). Therefore, the group can offer a fully integrated drilling and testing services package where required by our clients covering a wide range of borehole diameters and depths.

Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Audit Expiry Date Status
0892 Thomas Edwards Support Operative 2024-03-28 Audited
0891 Joe Robinson Support Operative 2024-03-19 Audited
0828 Dan Masters Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-28 Audited
0888 Richard James Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-28 Audited
0889 Shane Durnall Support Operative 2024-03-28 Audited
0679 Jeremy Joyce Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-26 Audited
830 Scot Manton Support Operative 2024-03-28 Audited
0779 Elliot Filipiak Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-26 Audited
0669 Joseph Chowles Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-19 Audited
0678 Kieron Blackwell Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-28 Audited
0660 Brian Gee Lead Driller RTY 2024-03-28 Audited
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