Announcing the Prestigious Judging Panel for the BDA Awards 2024



June 18, 2024

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is thrilled to announce the distinguished panel of judges for the BDA Awards 2024, taking place on Friday, 15th November 2024, at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool City Centre. This year’s panel is composed of industry leaders, independent consultants, and experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their involvement underscores the significance of the awards and the high standards we uphold.

The Judges are:

Catherine McGrath – National Highways

Catherine McGrath is a prominent figure in the infrastructure sector, currently serving at National Highways. Her extensive experience in managing large-scale projects and commitment to safety and innovation make her an invaluable member of our panel.

Riwilo Masulani – The Coal Authority

Riwilo Masulani is a key figure at The Coal Authority, bringing extensive knowledge and experience in managing and mitigating the impacts of historical mining activities. His expertise adds a crucial dimension to the judging panel.

Duncan Moore – GeoDrilling International Magazine

As a leading voice in the drilling industry, through his editorial work at GDI Magazine, Duncan has a deep understanding of the challenges and advancements in the field. His editorial perspective ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the submissions.

Gavin Pearson – Editor, New Civil Engineer (NCE) Magazine

Gavin Pearson, the editor of New Civil Engineer (NCE), is renowned for his critical eye and dedication to quality in engineering journalism. His involvement promises a rigorous and fair assessment of the entries.

Michael De Freitas

Michael De Freitas is a distinguished figure in geotechnical engineering and academic circles, known for his pioneering work and vast contributions to the sector.

Roger Bridge – BBCEL (Tunnelling Manager and ex-Chair of the BTS)

Roger Bridge, as the Tunnelling Manager at BBCEL, and former Chair of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS), brings a wealth of tunnelling and underground construction expertise to the panel.

Andrew Indoe – WSP

Andrew Indoe, a prominent professional at WSP, has a robust background in engineering and consultancy. His insights into infrastructure projects are invaluable to the judging process.

Matthew Baldwin – Independent Consultant

Matthew Baldwin brings a wealth of independent consultancy experience. Known for his strategic insights and hands-on approach, Matthew’s contributions are sure to elevate the judging process.

Jamie Codd

Jamie Codd, a Chartered Geologist with 25 years’ experience of ground investigation, risk and infrastructure asset management, currently serves on the BSI committee for ground investigation and testing.

Jamie has overseen the geotechnical aspects of many projects from inception, through design and construction, into operation and has led industry research on resilience, climate change adaptation and geotechnical data. His view of submissions will be most welcome.

Patrick Bowles – MPQC

Patrick Bowles represents the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC), adding a perspective on industry standards and professional development within the mineral products sector.

This panel, with its diverse expertise and dedication to excellence, is well-equipped to judge the BDA Awards 2024. Their participation is a testament to the prestige of the awards and the importance of recognising outstanding achievements in the drilling industry.

Join us in celebrating the leaders and innovators who drive our industry forward and a big thank you to our judges for supporting the BDA and it’s membership.

NB. The BDA Awards will be open for entries on 2nd September 2024, and announced via the BDA’s website, member newsletter and social media channels.

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