BDA Audit – CSCS Card Update

August 18, 2022

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to announce that its digital audit cards are now fully compatible with the CSCS Smart Check card reader system, when a CSCS health and safety test is undertaken alongside a BDA audit.

Cards will be checked using a smart QR code, which will verify that the card is a valid CSCS card by simply being scanned with the free CSCS Smart Check app and it will also work with main contractor’s scheme on large infrastructure projects.

To fulfil the scheme requirements, the BDA audit cards will be double sided, with the affiliated scheme CSCS card on one side and the BDA audit detail on the other, to make it easy for companies participating it the audit scheme to fulfil their requirements for CSCS cards. There will be no need for a separate visit or any cost to contractors, just a simple touchscreen CSCS health and safety test conducted on site before the BDA audit takes place.

For more information on BDA audits, or the CSCS cards obtainable as part of the audit, please contact the BDA Audit Team, via:

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