BDA Audit Updates and Improvements for 2023

March 20, 2023

The British Drilling Association (BDA) regularly examines its sudit, with a view to ensuring that it is always relevant and in alignment with the latest guidance, legislation and on-site health and safety.

For 2023, the BDA has announced a number of audit updates and improvements, specifically relating to the area of health and safety improvements. The aim is to increase expectations with regards to the quality of information, data and samples obtained by drillers during an audit.

Many auditees and employers will already be aware that the BDA audit has been gathering data in this area, and is confident that there is now sufficient data for the BDA’s Technical & Standard Sub-committee to clearly identify areas where the quality of drilling data and knowledge is of a lower level than should be expected

Aware of this, these aspects will become measurable parts of the BDA audit, which could, if found to be significantly lacking, lead to non-conformances and non-achievements of audits being recorded. These quality checks will fall into six areas, with possible minor non-conformances being recorded across any and all of them.

All aspects will be assessed according to existing Standards, Regulations and Guidance.

The ‘BDA Audit Update & Improvement’ document details the changes, as well as explaining how the updates will be introduced, measured, requirements for record keeping, etc.,

The document can be downloaded here: BDA Audit Update & Improvement

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