BDA Establishes Sustainability Working Group to Aid Drilling Sector towards Net Zero Carbon

October 27, 2022

The British Drilling Association (BDA) has established a sustainability working group, to help facilitate the drilling sector in its efforts to achieve Net Zero Carbon.

Being chaired by Nick Reichelt, Associate Director of Drilling at Structural Soils, a member of the BDA, the new working group will hold its first meeting 2nd November 2022 and will bring together all sector stakeholders including clients, consultants, contractors, and suppliers necessary to understand where we are now and what steps our membership can take on the path towards Net Zero.

Speaking about the new sustainability working group, Paul McMann, Chair of the BDA, said: “Sustainability, the environment, and climate change are collectively the biggest issues that the drilling sector faces outside the day-to-day challenges that the construction industry has to confront. Whilst many BDA members are already engaged in programmes to become more sustainable, it will be the job of the BDA to offer guidance and bring initiatives that help facilitate all members, and hopefully the entire drilling sector, in its efforts towards achieving Net Zero Carbon.

“The built environment, of which the construction sector is an integral part, currently contributes some 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions and it is estimated that the construction sector contributes up to 11% of global carbon emissions*. Although only contributing a small part to this figure, the drilling sector must do as much as it can to ensure that it too reduces its carbon footprint to Net Zero, and well before the government’s goal of 2050”.

The sustainability working group will look specifically at the drilling process from start to finish, examining areas such as emissions and emission control of drilling machines; emission and emission control of associated plant; consumable and waste items; COSHH and alternative fuels for drilling rigs, such as electricity and hydrogen.

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