BDA Member Invitation to Support CIRIA

June 26, 2024

An exciting opportunity exists for the British Drilling Association (BDA) and its member companies to collectively support and benefit from the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA). As you may know, CIRIA is a neutral, independent, and not-for-profit member organisation dedicated to driving collaboration and performance improvement across the built environment and construction sectors.

CIRIA’s robust, authoritative, and independent good practice guidance is invaluable to our industry. Their research, developed in collaboration with industry and academic experts, is designed to address critical challenges and improve practices. However, as CIRIA does not receive direct government funding, it relies on sponsorship and contributions to continue its essential work.

The BDA is seeking to secure input into the production of the guides CIRIA produces – a “seat at the table” so-to-speak in order include its perspective, views and real-world experience of the drilling sector. The participation cost is collectively £10,000, and we are hoping to raise this amount through contributions from BDA member companies.

The support of BDA members would not only enable us to secure input into future documents, but also reinforce the BDA’s commitment to industry improvement and collaboration. If you are willing to contribute, please contact – 

Together, we can make a significant impact!

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