BDA Member Survey 2020 – Surveying the BDA Audit

February 23, 2021

As mentioned in the first feedback article, unsurprisingly the BDA Audit elicited a range of reactions during the members survey. Of course, the BDA Audit should not define the BDA, but it is at the core of the Association’s aim to ‘improve standards in health and safety and quality’ and therefore extremely important.

On the topic of the BDA Audit, a broad summary of the responses were:

Looking to have drillers BDA Audited Audit too focused on Health & Safety
Fully supportive of audit system Audit needs to cover technical drilling areas
Audit system keeps drillers up to speed Audit money making scheme for BDA
Audit is essential to our selection of subcontractors Audit response booking not good
  Doesn’t have BDA Audit for Water well and Geothermal Drilling
  Audit should last longer than 1 year

First the positive comments:

  • “Looking to have drillers BDA Audited” – This response was received from a significant number of companies and is great news. Behind this response are two aspects; the requirement for Audit being a pre-qualification for the client; and a recognition that the Audit has evolved and adds value.
  • “Fully supportive of audit system” and “Audit system keeps drillers up to speed” – Both incredibly positive comments and shows some member companies have received benefits.

Negative or need developing comments:

  • “Audit too focused on Health and Safety” and “Audit needs to cover technical drilling areas” – These points are being addressed continually and have merit – for companies who have supported BDA Audit since its inception they will see a difference however, it is recognised this has to be developed further and there are plans for this to happen over 2021.
  • “No BDA Audit for Water Well and Geothermal Drilling” – As a result of the survey and in recognition for its requirement this area is now being addressed with the goal for it to be available by 2022.
  • “Audit is money making scheme for the BDA” – Audit as a stand-alone service makes a loss and BDA Membership Fees assist in covering this loss. It is the reason why non-members requiring BDA Audit are charged a significantly higher fee than members.
  • “Audit response booking not good” and “Issue of Certification slow” – This point has been actioned already and a new booking system put in place both on-line/e-mail/verbal. Hopefully, this new system will address this observation, but it will be reviewed regularly and any issues that persist should be raised with the BDA. BDA Certification is now issued electronically and can be stored on smart phone. This should speed up considerable the system and ease visibility to client. In addition, on the BDA web site all BDA personnel and companies are listed as well as people linked to company member listing.
  • “Audit should last longer than 1 year” – The 1-year requirement is part of “Standards” requirement, which is also the situation that the Audit should be by a 3rd Party and be not self-certifying.

It is proposed that the next Membership Officer survey with BDA Member Companies will focus on:

  • BDA Guidance and Publication Documents – A lot of these documents are now quoted as best practice in the industry and the BDA Committees are working on new and revised documents which will assist BDA Member Companies as well as educate clients and consultants, etc. We will be asking which guidance/document would assist BDA Members and Industry?
  • Accident Stats Collection of BDA Members – Information was collected annually to 2014 and has not been done in recent years for various reasons. This is now being corrected with the aim to collect for 2020 and following years.
  • BDA New Website – This has now been live since May 2020 and is continually updating, improving, changing, etc – Member Companies information needs updating and completing to have full benefit of listing. With the next survey from the BDA Membership Officer focusing on the above areas, we will of course report back to you the “BDA Member Companies” by way of similar articles/reports as this. The BDA exists to serve the Membership, and this can only be performed with communication, subsequent action, reporting back and continual evaluation – then repeat the cycle to benchmark our improvements and ability to address issues. If there are any immediate comments or opinions you wish to raise, please reach out to any officer, representative, or committee member. Follow the link here for a list of the various committees –  Committees | British Drilling Association | Consultations
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