BDA Publishes Manual for Rotary Drilling

February 9, 2021

The British drilling Association (BDA) has published a new “Manual for Rotary Drilling”, which sets out to encourage good practice within the BDA’s membership and the wider drilling industry.

Free to download, the document provides operational, technical and health, safety, and environmental guidance for the operation of rotary drilling rigs and information on borehole construction by this method.

With rotary drilling used to construct boreholes for the abstraction of water, mineral exploration and

extraction, in civil engineering for ground investigation and geotechnical processes, such as grouting and foundations, and shallow geothermal energy, this must-reed document focuses on rotary drilling in these industrial sectors where boreholes rarely exceed 200m in depth.

This new manual presents information in a logical sequence, from applicable health, safety and environmental legislation, guidance, and operator competency through to sections covering rotary drilling rig types, borehole design, rig set up and drilling methods, including sampling, testing and installations, as well as sections on borehole problems and reporting. The contents page has a link facility, which will take you directly to the section of interest.

The manual is intended to be used as a practical reference by all levels of personnel in the drilling industry from rig operatives, drilling contractors’ supervisory staff to designers, and has been designed to help newcomers to the drilling industry, as well as experienced personnel.

The manual is now available in pdf electronic format, on the BDA website here: BDA Manual for Rotary Drilling. Free for BDA Members – British Drilling Association

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