BDA Webinar – 16 November 2022 – What does the AGS Data Format have to do with drilling?

October 11, 2022

The next British Drilling Association (BDA) webinar is planned for Wednesday, 16 November 2022, at 1pm, and will discuss the interesting topic of “What does the AGS Data Format have to do with drilling?”.

Being presented via Teams, by Adam Lumber, Associate Technical Engineering Director, Structural Soils Ltd, the webinar will begin by explaining what is AGS data, before moving on to why does AGS data matter and how does it relate to drilling, sampling, testing? Adam will look at how AGS data is produced, what it may contain, and how a designer or client may use it.

In fact, few aspects of the AGS Data Format will be left untouched, as Adam explains how the data is structured and the rules followed when creating data, the significance of different versions of the data format, and the AGS requirement that all organizations which send or receive AGS data be registered.

The seminar will conclude with a Questions & Answers session.

To request a link to attend this FREE webinar, email –

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