BDA Webinar – January 2022 – Instrumentation and Monitoring: A Critical Link in Ground Engineering

January 4, 2022

Sign up now for the next BDA webinar – Instrumentation and Monitoring: A Critical Link in Ground Engineering – which will take place on 19 January, at 1pm.

The webinar will identify the role of instrumentation and monitoring (I&M) in ground engineering in its widest sense and will encompass geotechnical, environmental, structural, and asset protection and management considerations.

The status of I&M as a critical link in ground engineering will be illustrated. The importance of high-quality I&M in the context of the design and implementation of temporary and permanent works, and the related adoption of the Observational Method, will be discussed. The “Geotechnical Health Monitoring” and “Asset Health Monitoring” concepts will also receive attention.

The webinar will underline the need to give timely attention to I&M as an integral part of the design process and to ensure that adequate provision is made for the storage, dissemination, visualisation, validation, analysis and interpretation of the vast amount of data that current I&M systems can generate.

The importance of baseline monitoring – i.e., pre-construction or pre-implementation I&M, often included in ground investigation – will be underlined and sources of baseline monitoring data identified.

For those unfamiliar with I&M, the webinar will provide a summary of the present-day scope of I&M and the various monitoring techniques and types of instruments available. It will include reference to direct and remote monitoring.

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