BDA Webinar – June 2021 – How we use the data you gather.…

May 15, 2021

The next British Drilling Association (BDA) webinar is planned for Wednesday 16th June 2021, at 1pm and will discuss the topic “How we use the data you gather”.

The webinar will be presented by Michael de Freitas, Emeritus Reader in Engineering Geology at Imperial College London, Director of First Steps Ltd, and Ground Engineering Advisor (RoGEP).

As design and construction in ground engineering relies entirely on a correct understanding of the ground. This includes the materials on site, their distribution over the site and their properties; to this must be added the physical environment in which the ground exists and this means including the pore pressures on site, and the site’s chemical environment.

All these are verified by drilling as this is the means for confirming vertical profiles, gathering representative samples for testing, testing in-situ and installing monitoring for observation with time. Success in design and construction therefore relies on good drillers and this talk will describe how the results from drilling are used, explain why drillers should follow prescribed procedures and emphasise the need for drillers to become professionally recognised by getting their NVQ Level 2 for Land Drilling, and their name onto the BDA Audit.

To sign up for the webinar, email –

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