BDA Webinar – March 2023 – ‘Carbon Challenges for BDA Members’

March 1, 2023

The first of the British Drilling Association (BDA) 2023 webinars took place on 1st March 2023, was titled ‘Carbon Challenges for BDA Members’.

The webinar was presented by Rob Allison, Head of Carbon for Auditel, supported by Julie Adams, Carbon Consultant, Auditel and Mark Miller, Auditel’s Sustainable Supply & Procurement Consultant.

The presentation began with both Rob providing a quick introduction to Auditel, before looking at why carbon is becoming such an important consideration and what is driving the change to reduce it. The presentation looked at current media pressure, and highlighted that the concern of climate change is nothing new, with scientific reports as early as 1912 citing concerns over coal consumption and its impact on the climate.

Consumer pressure was also looked at, and how consumers’ positive attitude towards buying from low carbon suppliers should rightly be a concern for companies, who obviously have a duty to respond. These balance sheet influencers are also being driven by competitors – moving to becoming carbon neutral, as well as the gradual introduction of reporting legislation.

Managing carbon was discussed next, with the presentation exploring the differences between Organisational, Operational, and Embodied carbon. How each can be measured was looked at, and how each dovetail into the development of a road map towards Net-Zero.

Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Scopes for Carbon Accounting were detailed, as well as who actually owns emissions – given the complexity of source. A good example was presented of emissions through a typical supply chain highlighted just how complex the source of emissions is. Definitions were then detailed – for example, the Category 1 – Purchase Ledger Carbon Audit, and how a company can prioritise decarbonisation.

Embodied carbon was looked at next, starting with the current Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), what they are and how they measure carbon. The process of managing embodied carbon was discussed and how it delivers the EPD report including a 4-step process.

The presentation concluded with a discussion and Questions & Answers session.

To view the webinar recording, please visit: Carbon Challenges for BDA Members Webinar Recording.

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