BDA Webinar – October 2021 – Groundwater Problems in Construction…

September 13, 2021

Sign up now for the next British Drilling Association (BDA) Webinar, planned for 20th October 2021, at 1pm, which will discuss the interesting topic of “Groundwater problems in construction – lessons for ground investigation”.

Presented by Dr Martin Preene, Technical Director, Richter, the webinar will discuss that as most things in the built environment sit on or in the ground, the construction industry relies on ground investigation data to plan, build, maintain (and sometimes litigate!) its projects.

Martin’s presentation will focus on one important aspect of ground investigations – groundwater conditions – which can have a key effect on below-ground construction projects.

Using case study examples of problems during construction, the presentation will illustrate how factors such as permeability, groundwater levels and the presence of aquifers and aquitards can cause problems during excavations and tunnelling. Guidance will be given on best practice in for the execution and interpretation of groundwater aspects of ground investigations.

To request a link to attend the webinar, please email –

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