BDA Welcomes New Members

September 18, 2023

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is delighted to announce the addition of Solmek Ltd and Safer Rig Services as its newest members. This expansion enhances the BDA’s mission to comprehensively represent the entire drilling sector, spanning from suppliers to contractors and ultimately, to clients.

Solmek Ltd has joined as a Corporate Contractor Member, while Safer Rig Services is welcomed as a Supplier Member. Their inclusion significantly broadens the BDA’s reach and underscores the widespread appeal of the Association.

Speaking about the new members, BDA Chair, Paul McMann, said: “We are pleased to welcome Solmek and Safer Rig Services to the Association. Their unique perspectives and expertise in the drilling sector will be invaluable to the organisation.”

Paul further emphasised the importance of diversifying its membership base commenting: “Each BDA member brings a distinct viewpoint to the drilling industry. As the BDA continuously evolves through its rigorous BDA Audit processes, the addition of new members like Solmek and Safer Rig Services will drive industry standards and professionalism to even greater heights.”

BDA membership is open to a wide range of enterprises, including companies, partnerships, sole traders, and more. This includes contractors who can provide proof that their drilling operatives either possess or are in the process of obtaining NVQ Land Drilling, Level 2 certification. We also welcome non-contracting suppliers, clients, and consultants.

For more information about the BDA, please contact:

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