BDA’s Net Zero Working Group: Pioneering Sustainability in the Drilling Industry

January 8, 2024

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is making significant strides towards a sustainable future with its Net Zero working group, established in late April 2023. This proactive initiative reflects the BDA’s commitment to guiding its members on the path to sustainability and achieving net zero goals.

The BDA’s Net Zero working group, composed of dedicated volunteers, has been actively collaborating to create a comprehensive document tailored to the unique needs of BDA members. This guide aims to equip members with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and available strategies for embracing sustainability in the drilling industry.

Since its inception, the working group has convened five times throughout 2023. These meetings have been instrumental in shaping the guide, which is designed as a dynamic, evolving resource. It will be regularly updated to reflect the latest technological advancements, changing understandings, and developments in the field.

The guide is meticulously structured into sections, each covering critical aspects of sustainability. These sections include topics like sustainability in the supply chain and the carbon cycle of samples, specifically contextualised for the UK drilling industry. This targeted approach ensures that the guidance provided is directly relevant and actionable for BDA members.

A key focus of the working group has been to ensure that the guidance is as tailored as possible to the drilling sector. Recognising the industry-specific challenges and opportunities, the group is dedicated to providing solutions and insights that resonate with drilling professionals.

The involvement of external consultants, such as Auditel, has been a cornerstone in developing the guide. Auditel’s expertise and perspective have significantly contributed to shaping the document’s content and objectives. This collaboration underscores the BDA’s approach of integrating diverse insights to create a resource that is both comprehensive and practical.

As the BDA Net Zero working group continues its vital work, the upcoming guide promises to be a cornerstone document for BDA members. It will not only help them understand the path to sustainability and net zero but also provide practical strategies to implement these goals in their operations.

In conclusion, the BDA’s initiative represents a significant step forward in the drilling industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future. By providing its members with the tools and knowledge to adapt to an evolving environmental landscape, the BDA is leading the way in responsible and forward-thinking industry practices.

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