BDA’s New Entrant Scheme Explores Drilling, Grouting and Anchoring

October 17, 2023

In collaboration with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Land Drilling NVQ Ltd, the British Drilling Association (BDA) recently conducted an intensive training week for its New Entrants Training Scheme. The focus of this immersive experience was twofold, focussing on the critical aspects of Drilling and Grouting, as well as Anchoring. This initiative not only equipped the participants with valuable knowledge but also provided them with a first-hand glimpse into the dynamic world of live construction sites.

Drilling and Grouting: Bridging Theory and Reality

A standout moment during the week was the visit to a construction site operated by the @Sirius Group. This on-site experience was a bridge between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, orchestrated by Jess Cheesman, a key facilitator of the site visit. The New Entrants were immersed in the intricate processes of drilling and grouting, witnessing the direct translation of their classroom learning into practical, industry-specific practices.

This exposure was a pivotal moment for the participants, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in drilling and grouting. Witnessing the meticulous execution of these techniques highlighted the importance of safety measures, precision, and teamwork in construction projects. The practical insights gained at the Sirius Group site left an indelible mark on the New Entrants, instilling in them a newfound appreciation for the challenges and nuances of the industry.

Anchoring: Wisdom from the Expert, Andreas Ramsauer

In another facet of their training, the New Entrants delved into the intricacies of Anchoring, under the guidance of Andreas Ramsauer from DYWIDAG. His presentation went beyond mere information; it was a captivating journey through the complexities of anchoring systems. Ramsauer’s deep knowledge and clear presentation style left an enduring impact on the participants.

The New Entrants were not only introduced to the theoretical aspects of anchoring but were also provided with practical insights that demystified the complexities of this crucial construction technique. Andreas Ramsauer’s engaging session not only enriched their understanding, but also fuelled their enthusiasm to embrace the challenges associated with anchoring in the construction industry.

The BDA’s New Entrant Scheme, through this intensive training week, has not only equipped the next generation of professionals with valuable skills, but has also instilled in them a passion for the practical aspects of drilling, grouting, and anchoring. As these young minds prepare to embark on their careers, they do so with a solid foundation and a real-world perspective that will undoubtedly shape the future of the drilling industry.

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