British Drilling Association – Management Changes

October 12, 2020

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is adapting to life without its Secretariat, as well as having to navigate the obvious issues surrounding the present COVID-19 crisis, in particular, the restrictions that are in place, which has meant meetings, events, seminars and conferences have been inevitably be cancelled – all an important part of the BDA’s mission.

The BDA is however, pleased to announce that John Grainger will be now acting as Interim General Manager for the BDA, a post which he will hold for 6 months, to undertake various tasks, some of which would have been carried out by the Secretariat and other functions that will help the BDA fulfil its strategic objectives.

John has been involved with the BDA for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience. Historically, he has consistently provided the BDA with hours of his time unpaid.

For his role as Interim General Manager, John will be compensated for the 30 hours per week required to cover the tasks outside of his statutory Director role, and which are over and above his voluntary role of Chair of the Marketing Sub-committee.

This is a productive move by the BDA and one which will help ensure we meet the aims and obligations of the BDA as well as better meet the needs and expectations of you the membership.

Jooce Marketing will continue to provide Marketing and Secretarial services to the BDA and its committees.

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