Client BDA Membership – Partnering for Higher Standards

May 5, 2022

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is committed to improving standards in health and safety, quality of workmanship and technical proficiency for the drilling industry, but it also sees these goals as having direct benefits to its clients too. As the trade body representing the drilling industry, the importance of including clients in the formulation and development of standards, especially those relating to health and safety, has never been more critical.

Against this backdrop, the BDA has created a unique ‘Client’ membership category, a category that the BDA defines as ‘an organisation engaged in procuring or specifying ground drilling services (or equipment) but not contracting to supply such services or directly employing sub-contracted drillers’.

By extending membership to include clients, as well as the wider geotechnical Industry, the BDA is able to engage fully with those sectors impacting drilling operations, helping it not only promote the BDA’s ethos and commitment to standards, but through its third-party accredited BDA Audit it is demonstrate this through process and measurement.

Benefits to clients are wide and include:

  • Free copy of BDA Health & Safety Manual and other BDA publications
  • Access to BDA safety alerts and learning bulletins
  • Discounted fees for BDA events
  • Discounted fees for BDA supported events (Emap, etc)
  • Vicarious membership of Build UK. All BDA members have access to the benefits of Build UK

Whilst a client member does not have voting rights and cannot be elected to the BDA Management Committee, they can still request to sit on any of its sub-committees as a co-opted member, where they feel their unique perspective and industry knowledge can be put to good use driving ever higher standards.

Client membership requires approval by the BDA Management Committee, but it is very worthwhile pursuing for any organisation with a stake in the drilling sector.

The cost of ‘Client’ membership is FREE for a limited period, after which there is an annual fee of £450.00 (reduced to £310.00 for AGS members).

For more information about the BDA, and its ‘Client’ membership category contact Joel Stevens, BDA General Manager –

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