Coal Authority Permitting Customer Engagement Workshops Announced

September 11, 2023

In a concerted effort to foster collaboration and enhance the permitting system within legacy mining areas, the British Drilling Association (BDA) is proud to be participating in the Permitting Customer Engagement workshops initiated by the Coal Authority, in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These workshops, which span Scotland, England, and Wales, represent a significant step towards achieving a safer and more sustainable future, while facilitating developments in areas once dominated by coal mining.

The Coal Authority, as part of its mission to create a better future for both people and the environment, plays a crucial role in issuing permits that enable development in regions historically impacted by coal mining. These permits are vital for balancing the pursuit of economic development with the management of safety concerns and liabilities, which have persisted for years due to coal mining activities.

Recognising the need for open-mindedness and innovation in this endeavour, the Coal Authority has partnered with the HSE and the BDA to conduct a series of workshops. These workshops aim to engage stakeholders who utilise the Coal Authority’s permitting system, fostering a more informed and collaborative community.

The workshops are designed to:

  • Educate Participants: By providing insights into the Coal Authority’s permitting systems and processes, the workshops equip participants with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of permitting.
  • Share Best Practices: Industry best practices will be shared to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of permitting processes.
  • Enhance Compliance: Workshops will offer guidance on how to comply with legislation and HSE requirements, ensuring safety and regulatory standards are met.
  • Highlight Audit Value: Participants will gain an understanding of the value of independent mining engineer audits, a critical tool for maintaining high standards within sectors using the Coal Authority’s permitting system.
  • Explore Future Trends: Insights into future trends in regulated and permitted sectors will be provided, along with discussions on the necessary improvements to align permitting and legislative processes with sustainable economic development priorities.

The overarching goal of these workshops is to create a more engaged stakeholder community that finds it easier to collaborate with the Coal Authority, HSE, and the BDA. The knowledge and insights gained from these workshops are expected to empower permit holders to enhance their compliance with the Coal Authority’s permit terms and conditions, as well as HSE’s legislative requirements. Moreover, the use of independent mining engineer audits is anticipated to drive up standards within sectors utilising the Coal Authority’s permitting system.

The BDA pleased to be part of this initiative, contributing its expertise and commitment to safety and sustainability. By collaborating with the Coal Authority and the HSE in these workshops, the BDA is actively supporting a brighter future for legacy mining areas and the broader community.

For more information and to participate in these workshops, visit

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