New BDA Audit Handbook Available!

September 21, 2020

A new BDA Audit Handbook is available for download from the BDA website – – which provides full details of the BDA Audit process, and is available FREE to all Auditees, employers and interested parties.

The Handbook’s primary purpose is to provide transparency as to what the audit is looking for and who it is delivered by with the end-goal to help companies prove their competency. It can be used as a reference guide in order to prepare for an audit, or as a reference to see which Standards / Regulations / Legislation / Guidance they should be adhering to as well as why a company should undertake a BDA Audit in the first instance.

As part of the BDA Audit re-launch, the Audit application process has also been moved online, both streaming the process and making it easier to apply, including the ability to now pay safely and securely on-line. The online application form can be accessed here –

The changes to the BDA Audit, its administration, and the availability of the accompanying handbook are all extremely positive changes designed to help provide a better understanding of the Audit process and requirements, but ultimately it is hoped the changes will make it simpler to understand as well as its benefits.

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