New BDA Technical Guide: Elevating Standards in Winch, Wire Rope, and Lifting Accessory Use

November 21, 2023

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive Technical Guide, a direct response to findings from BDA Audits conducted over the past three years. This guide addresses crucial safety aspects in the use of winches, wire ropes, and lifting accessories within the drilling sector.

Addressing Audit Non-Conformances with Expert Guidance

Recent BDA Audits have consistently highlighted issues related to the use of winches, wire ropes, and lifting accessories, as well as errors in the Reports of Thorough Examination for drilling machines and accessories. Given the safety-critical nature of these components and the necessity of these reports for compliance, the BDA felt it essential to develop a guide to address and rectify these issues.

The guide is an invaluable resource for professionals in the drilling industry, providing:

  • Clear definitions and explanations of relevant terminology.
  • Detailed information on steel wire ropes and winches commonly used on plant, machinery, and equipment in the drilling sector.
  • Defined expectations for Reports of Thorough Examination, ensuring compliance and enhancing safety.

Reflecting the requirements of BS EN 16228 Drilling and Foundation Equipment Rig – Safety – Parts 1 and 2, the guide serves as a crucial reference for mobile drill rigs in civil and geotechnical engineering, quarrying, and mining.

In line with the article published on the BDA website regarding drilling and boring machines under the LOLER 1998 Regulations (which can be found here, the guide reiterates that machines in our sector are primarily designed for drilling and boring. However, it acknowledges the reasonable and appropriate nature of mirroring certain elements of the LOLER requirements.

This document not only provides clarity and guidance on the expectations for steel wire ropes and accessories but also offers crucial information on certification requirements for BDA audit purposes. It is an essential tool for all BDA members and practitioners in the drilling industry to ensure safety, compliance, and best practices in their operations.

The Technical Guide is available by clicking here.

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