Reduced Coal Authority Permit Fees for Audited Drillers

February 13, 2024

Following constructive workshops between the British Drilling Association (BDA) and the Coal Authority, a new permit fee charging scheme has been introduced, designed to incentivise and reward those who prioritise safety and due diligence in their operations.

Under this new scheme, permit application fees will be reduced for applicants who engage a contractor whose operations have been BDA Audited or other nationally recognised, externally verified, independently accredited auditing service (Independent Mining Engineer Audit), within the 15 months preceding their permit application. This move is a testament to the value placed on rigorous safety standards and independent assessments within our industry. The scheme acknowledges the efforts of those who go above and beyond, to ensure their operations meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

To secure this discount, applicants will be required to provide proof of their contractor’s independent audit, highlighting the Coal Authority’s commitment to fostering a culture of safety and transparency in mining operations. This initiative not only benefits the applicants through reduced fees but also promotes a broader commitment to operational excellence across the industry.

The revised permit fees and further details on how to apply for this discount are now available on the Coal Authority’s website, under the Permit Fees section: This development represents a significant step forward in encouraging best practices within the industry, and the BDA is proud to have played a role in its realisation.

This new permit fee charging scheme is a clear indication of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through collaboration between industry bodies and regulatory authorities. It underscores a shared commitment to enhancing safety, reducing operational risks, and promoting sustainability within the drilling and mining sectors. The BDA encourages all eligible members to take advantage of this opportunity, which reflects our ongoing efforts to support the industry’s growth and operational excellence.

The BDA remains dedicated to representing the interests of all members involved in drilling, from those on the ground to the decision-makers in the boardroom. We believe that initiatives like this not only benefit individual companies but also contribute to raising the industry’s standards as a whole. We look forward to continuing our work with the Coal Authority and other stakeholders to bring about further positive changes for our industry.

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