Safe Loading & Unloading Vehicles – BDA Update

June 9, 2023

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is aware that loading and unloading vehicles during industry activity is a hazardous task, proven by the number of member reports of adverse events and outcomes associated with this critical activity.

To assist members the BDA has provided information on the update in March 2023, courtesy of Logistics UK, a leading organisation in this field, and the link to the guidance can be found here:

Regarding loading and unloading. In its simplest form the company that wants a drilling rig loading onto a flat bed, transporting to a site and unloading at that site must do a hazard analysis, risk assessment and produce controls that are understood and followed to minimise risk to everyone.

However, there is also a whole different set of Law and Regulations to understand and comply with and this is Transport Law and Regulations.

HSE Law and Regulations state that when doing a risk assessment, it must be suitable and sufficient. This means understanding all the aspects involved, not simply will the load stay on the transporter.

The BDA advises members to read and understand the Logistics UK presentation and secondly use the link to DVSA and find out about the topics that relate to your needs regarding loading, transporting, and unloading vehicles.

Unfortunately, your company can not just say, “We hired in a contractor to do this, so it is not our problem anymore”, this is no longer true. Your company still has a duty of care, and a legal responsibility to understand and control an event that you instigated through raising a contract for your drilling rig or equipment to be transported. ‘We paid so hands off it’s their responsibility’ does not ring true in 2023.

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