Spotlight on Richard Fielden, Chair of Marketing Subcommittee, British Drilling Association

February 15, 2024

Richard’s journey began post-university, dedicating his career to piling, groundworks, and dewatering. His ascent from a site engineer in 1994 at WJ to its CEO by 2023 is a testament to his commitment and expertise. He credits the British Drilling Association (BDA) for providing a vital standard that helped WJ assess subcontractors and reassure customers about the safety of drilling processes.

As the Chair of the BDA Marketing Sub-committee, Richard is pivotal in ensuring the BDA’s mission and objectives are communicated effectively to members and the wider drilling community. His days are consumed with emails and phone calls, a testament to his dedication to the association’s outreach efforts. Despite the universal challenge of managing time, Richard’s focus remains on advancing the BDA’s goals.

Labour-saving technology and productivity improvements stand out as key trends in the industry, according to Richard. These elements are crucial for the future of drilling and ground investigation, aligning with the BDA’s objectives to enhance safety and efficiency across operations. The BDA plays a critical role in defining drilling standards and benchmarks for driller competence, influencing industry standards and practices significantly.

For those aspiring to advance their careers in this sector, Richard advises a hands-on approach to learning, emphasising the importance of observing various drilling operations, leveraging the expertise of suppliers and users, and understanding the workplace from the drillers’ perspective.

Collaboration and teamwork are underscored as vital for achieving the BDA’s goals. Richard highlights the Audit as a prime example of successful collaboration within the organisation, where diverse individuals come together to define a single standard, showcasing the association’s collective strength.

Looking ahead, Richard is focused on the continuous journey of raising standards in health and safety and adapting the BDA’s standards to promote productivity. The anticipation of future challenges and opportunities is met with a commitment to enhancement and adaptation, ensuring the BDA remains a leading force in the industry.

Reflecting on his achievements, Richard is particularly proud of organising seminars and conferences that foster knowledge sharing and networking among BDA members. These events are a cornerstone of the BDA’s mission to educate, connect, and elevate the drilling industry. Richard Fielden’s insights not only shed light on his invaluable contributions to the BDA but also highlight the association’s critical role in advancing the drilling and ground investigation industry through standardisation, innovation, and collaboration.

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