The British Drilling Association Welcomes Two New Members

February 20, 2023

The British Drilling Association (BDA) is pleased to welcome Infosoil Ltd and Rockbit (UK) Ltd, as the latest companies to take up membership of the Association.

Infosoil adds to the growing number of companies joining the BDA as a Corporate Member, whilst Rockbit (UK), joins as a Supplier Member – both further extending the reach of the Association, and bringing it closer to its goal of being able to fully represent the drilling sector from supplier to contractor and on through the chain to include the end client.

Commenting on the new members, BDA Chair Paul McMann, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome both Infosoil and Rockbit (UK) as the Association’s most recent Corporate and Supplier members respectively. Each’s own experience of the drilling sector, from corporate and supplier perspectives, will be useful to the BDA and helps widen further the Association’s knowledge base.

“The growing membership of the BDA is enabling a much more complete view of the drilling industry to be gained, which through the pooling of the real-world experiences of all those involved in the drilling sector, will help steer the direction of the Association for the benefit of all.”

BDA membership is open to enterprises such as companies, partnerships, and sole traders etc., contractors that have proof their drilling operatives either have, or are registered to take, NVQ Land Drilling, Level 2, non-contracting suppliers, clients and consultants.

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