Wire Rope Safety Video – Sponsor Wanted

July 13, 2023

Recent changes to the British Drilling Association (BDA) Audit requires all BDA members to have completed a recognised Wire Rope Inspection Training Course.

Currently, there are two options available for BDA members to fulfil this training requirement. Larger companies offer in-house training programs or to take Equipe’s online course, which is accessible at a cost of £60.00. However, recognising the need for an affordable and accessible training solution, the BDA has proposed producing its own training video, which would be available at an estimated cost of £25.00.

To support this initiative and help finance the production and web hosting fee of the video, the BDA is seeking sponsorship. For £2,500.00 your organisation will not only support this crucial safety initiative, but also receive valuable benefits such as branding, and acknowledgment prominently featured in the video’s opening and closing titles as well as frequent mentions in various BDA communications promoting the availability of the training video throughout the sponsorship’s valid period of 12 months from date of release.

The video will be produced by an independent training provider and will provide comprehensive instruction, direction, and guidance on wire rope inspection specifically tailored for geotechnical applications. It will cover essential topics such as wire rope construction, inspection methods, rejection criteria, and relevant legislation.

To ensure understanding and engagement, the video will include a short quiz. Successful completion of the quiz will lead to the issuance of an e-certificate, validating the member’s competency in wire rope inspection.

If you would like to sponsor this extremely important safety initiative and benefit from the many branding opportunities associated with it, please contact:

Joel Stevens, General Manager of the BDA, via email: joel@britishdrillingassociation.co.uk.

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