Bulk: Wire Rope Inspections for Land Drilling

£75.00 + VAT

This allows you to purchase multiple licences for the Wire Rope Inspection for Land Drilling assessment.

You will be provided with coupons, allowing the order of the assessment without cost.

Once purchased you will be sent coupons to send to those taking the assessment, the coupon should be entered at the payment stage.

Product purchase flow:

  1. If the customer has an existing account – the company logs into their account
  2. The company purchases x wire rope BULK products
  3. If the company doesn’t already have an account one is set up for them as a result of their purchase
  4. The company receives x coupons codes
  5. The company shares the coupon code to staff member at their own discretion
  6. The staff member would purchase the SINGLE product for free using the coupon code given (An account is created for them as a customer)
  7. The staff member would login with their customer account and click the link to take the quiz (up to 2 times)

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