The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.


BDA Committees & Secretariat

The BDA has always benefited by having individuals willing to serve on its committees. Why they choose to give their time freely and subject themselves to, almost invariably, laborious work is one of the mysteries of life. However recent research has produced some clues. Apparently these people feel they have a duty to give other people the benefit of their experiences in the pursuit of progress. Duty and service were thought to have died out in the late 1960s so to be in the 21st century with them is a considerable discovery and achievement.

The BDA Management Committee meets quarterly but it is the Sub-Committees who are tasked with bringing the ongoing projects to fruition. On a daily basis the full time BDA Secretariat, provided by Alphab Limited comprising of Keith and Joanne Banton, is charged with carrying out all necessary administration; ensure that budgets are met, meetings arranged and generaly keep the whole operation on the road.

The whole team is not complete without the many members who contribute or are available for consultation.

Management Committee 2017 - 2018

Chair:  Martyn Brocklesby - (

Vice Chair:   Richard Fielden - (

Directors: John Grainger - ( & Anne Baxter (

Executive Secretary:  Keith Banton - (


David Allan - (

Keith Spires - (

Richard Fielden -  (

Philip Ball - (

Andrew Stevenson - (

Tristan Llewellyn - (

David Dennis - (

Scott Burt - (

Andrew Johnston - (

Paul McMann - (


Finance & Strategy Chair: Philip Ball

Marketing Chair: John Grainger

Health & Safety Chair: Jon Christie (

Training & Education Chair: Paul McMann (

Technical & Standards Chair: Mark Toye (mark.toye@socotec,com


Alphab House; Alfred Street; Pinxton; Nottinghamshire; UK; NG16 6NQ

Telephone: 01773 778751 Fax: 01773 782724


Rules & Constitution

The BDA is run by its members and for its members through the elected Management Committee who work under the terms of the Constitution and Rules. These documents also set out the code of conduct expected of BDA members and also terms by which members must operate. 

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