BDA Audited Personnel

The BDA Audit delivers a scheme specifically for the UK drilling industry that confirms individuals working in the industry sector have the necessary training and qualifications.

Find BDA Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Company Audit Expiry Date Status
807 Kieran Ross Lead Driller RTY Raeburn Drilling 2023-01-31 Audited
0778 Kieran Thorpe Support Operative BAM Ritchies 2022-10-11 Audited
0661 Kieron Blackwell Lead Driller RTY Marriott Geotechnical Drilling 2023-03-08 Audited
0798 Krzysztof Wytrykusz Lead Driller RTY Causeway Geotech Ltd 2022-11-22 Audited
0760 Kyle Hardy Support Operative WJ Groundwater 2022-07-28 Audit Expired
591 Lee Minto Lead Driller RTY BAM Ritchies 2023-01-18 Audited
0722 Lee Williams Lead Driller DS Geotechnical Engineering Ltd 2023-06-28 Audited
0803 Leroy Worrall Lead Driller CP Causeway Geotech Ltd 2022-11-22 Audited
824 Liam Gouws Lead Driller RTY MacGeo Ltd 2023-05-09 Audited
0775 Liam Wrench Lead Driller RTY Socotec 2022-09-07 Audited
0774 Lloyd Rogers Lead Driller RTY Socotec 2022-09-07 Audited
0601 Louis Baker Support Operative BH Drilling 2022-10-05 Audited