BDA Audited Personnel

The BDA Audit delivers a scheme specifically for the UK drilling industry that confirms individuals working in the industry sector have the necessary training and qualifications.

Find BDA Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Company Audit Expiry Date Status
804 James Reynolds Lead Driller CP Raeburn Drilling 2024-03-01 Audited
0566 James Shaw Support Operative Raeburn Drilling 2024-02-28 Audited
0647 Jamie Shirra Lead Driller CP BAM Ritchies 2024-10-09 Audited
0925 Jarek Bitner Support Operative Central Alliance 2024-10-16 Audited
0788 Jason Gage Lead Driller RTY Causeway Geotech Ltd 2023-11-27 Audit Expired
0692 Jason Kelly Lead Driller RTY Strata Geotechnics 2024-11-06 Audited
0541 Jason Soper Lead Driller CP BAM Ritchies 2024-05-15 Audited
0679 Jeremy Joyce Lead Driller RTY Marriott Geotechnical Drilling 2024-03-26 Audited
773 Joe Brown Support Operative BAM Ritchies 2024-02-15 Audited
0891 Joe Robinson Support Operative Marriott Geotechnical Drilling 2024-03-19 Audited
0527 John Adam Lead Driller CP, DS BAM Ritchies 2024-04-18 Audited
0786 John Cameron Lead Driller DS Causeway Geotech Ltd 2024-10-19 Audited

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