BDA Audited Personnel

The BDA Audit delivers a scheme specifically for the UK drilling industry that confirms individuals working in the industry sector have the necessary training and qualifications.

Find BDA Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Company Audit Expiry Date Status
0575 Derek Johnstone Lead Driller RTY, SON Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical 2024-09-06 Audited
0839 Dilwyn Roberts Lead Driller RTY GeoSonic Drilling 2024-07-24 Audited
0737 Donald Brown Lead Driller RTY Raeburn Drilling 2024-02-28 Audited
0517 Edward Bacon Lead Driller RTY Allied Exploration & Geotechnics 2024-06-25 Audited
0779 Elliot Filipiak Lead Driller RTY Marriott Geotechnical Drilling 2024-03-26 Audited
0901 Elliott Scott Lead Driller CP Strata Geotechnics 2024-06-13 Audited
0911 Gary Blake Lead Driller RTY Structural Soils 2024-08-20 Audited
0642 Gary Uter Lead Driller RTY BAM Ritchies 2023-12-14 Audited
0917 Glen Loveday Lead Driller CP Allied Exploration & Geotechnics 2024-09-05 Audited
0739 Graeme Moffat Lead Driller RTY Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical 2024-01-29 Audited
0794 Graham Torrens Lead Driller RTY Causeway Geotech Ltd 2024-10-24 Audited
0648 Ian John Wilson Support Operative BAM Ritchies 2023-12-14 Audited

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