BDA Audited Personnel

The BDA Audit delivers a scheme specifically for the UK drilling industry that confirms individuals working in the industry sector have the necessary training and qualifications.

Find BDA Audited Personnel

Reference Number Full Name Occupation Disciplines Company Audit Expiry Date Status
0260 Simon Speirs Drilling Support Operative Raeburn D & G Ltd 2021-03-25 Audited
0581 Srdan Tovilovic CP Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd 2021-11-03 Audited
0565 Stephen Glancy Support Operative BAM Ritchies 2021-10-07 Audited
0640 Stephen Kelly Lead Driller RTY BAM Ritchies 2022-01-06 Audited
0582 Steve Hanson Lead Driller RTY Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd 2021-11-02 Audited
0377 Steve Pearce Lead Driller RTY Fugro 2021-02-25 Audited
0514 Steve Wray Lead Driller CP Structural Soils Ltd 2021-07-21 Audited
0530 Steven Furlong Lead Driller RTY ADP Group 2021-02-18 Audited
0032 Steven Kiczynski Lead Driller CP BAM Ritchies 2021-10-13 Audited
0531 Steven Smith Lead Driller RTY Natural Power 2021-08-26 Audited
0554 Stuart Conway Lead Driller RTY Natural Power 2021-09-27 Audited
0385 Stuart Fisher Lead driller DS Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental 2021-03-26 Audited