The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.


 Movement of Drilling Equipment

 Vehicles, including trailers, when driven on the public highway, must comply with The Highway Code, Road Traffic Acts, and any other appropriate motor vehicle regulations. 

The driver must be in possession of a current driving licence valid for the class of vehicle driven, appropriate insurance, vehicle test certificate, if applicable, and road tax must be in place. When required by regulation, a tachograph must be fitted to the vehicle and used. In general, tachographs must be fitted where the gross plated weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes but the legislation provides compliance criteria and exemptions which are discussed on the Tachograph page.

Before travelling on public highways, checks must be made to all vehicles and Cable Percussion rigs for road – worthiness, including being reasonably clean and with special attention to: -  lights, indicators, registration plates, brakes, brake lights, and tyre condition. If the rig is to be towed on a public highway it is essential that it complies with the current statutory regulations including tow bar load, weights and dimensions, brakes, lights, number plates and signs. A safety cable to put on the hand brake must be connected, even if not fitted by the manufacturer a safety chain between the two units is strongly advised.

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