The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.

Transport Issues

General Requirements

Site transport must only be used for the work for which it was designed. It should not be used improperly.

If a vehicle is to be used to carry dangerous substances, it must be fitted with the relevant signs and information. Drivers must be suitably trained and have access to a Dangerous Substances’ Advisor. They must also be aware of the limits for carrying dangerous substances. Cable Percussion support vehicles carrying gas bottles should be fitted with the relevant signs.

No person shall ride in or on any vehicle unless there is correct seating provided. Seat belts must be worn at all times when the vehicle is moving on the public highway and should be used at all other times.

When unattended, vehicles should be left securely braked with the engine switched off. The starting key must be removed and doors locked. Keep all valuables out of sight and as far as practicable do not leave valuables, i.e., phones, generators, power packs unattended or in vehicles overnight.

Do not leave vehicle keys in insecure locations in and around site e.g. on desks or visible hooks in unattended site offices.

Drivers should not consume any alcohol, intoxicating liquids or drugs (unless prescribed by a Doctor) during the working day or shift. Staff should advise management and supervisors if prescription medication is being taken. Be aware of the effects of stimulation and energy drinks such as those containing high amounts of caffeine. These can render a person unfit to drive and work and the consequences can be severe.

Vehicles should be checked before being driven on the public highway and any defect in the vehicle must be reported immediately and be rectified before being driven on the highway.

All vehicles used on public roads must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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